Saturday, November 24, 2007

* Surprise!!! *

The people that came to my 40th surprise party... some I've not seen in two years, some in a few months, and some I've not seen OR talked to in over 13 years (since after college)!!!

It was so cool to walk into the room and see my best friend, roomie and Quilters castmate J (from Texas) ~ and another excellent friend, college roomie and Quilters castmate, S (from Idaho), along with another Quilters castmate and excellent friend (from Mesa... not as impressive but I've still not seen her in two years...), R. Plus relatives I've not seen in Eons... it was way fun!!

Thanks mom and himself... who rocks, because *I got an ipod* for my birthday... yay me!!! Can't wait to start loading it up!!!! :D :D

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has had a blessed few days with loved ones.

And Rascal was an outstanding dog up here at mom and step-dad's. Just outstanding. We're so proud ;-).


Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday! Tom and I were invited to share in your wonderful surprise but we are in Georgia. We flew in on Thanksgiving Day and will be here a week. While we are here we are looking for a condo to buy. We are not planning on giving up our home in Tucson but we want somewhere to stay so we can spend more time with our family here. Sorry we missed your party. This is the year for surprise parties.

Kellie said...

Happy birthday!

Ann(ie) said...

What fun! Happy Birthday, sugar!!