Friday, September 29, 2006

Chapter is closed

I unsubbed from American Expats.

My pal 'Mater called me from Scotland and filled me in on as much as she knew (which, I have to say wasn't a whole lot :laugh:), and I was just going there and wasting time... but I will miss some of the people I "knew" virtually. [And to be clear, she called out of guilt, because she was supposed to call me when she was stateside and didn't... so I left her a guilt-inducing comment on her blog... :hee hee: RESULT!] And really, when she told me she unsubbed, she was the only one I was keeping in touch with, my other pals have been long gone. And she said that Meta unsubbed, and that Saucywitch was about to unsub... well... it looks like it is a mass exodus, and when the page came up that I was supposed to pay to resubscribe, I just said no.

Last night himself said that in our 8 years of marriage, this is the most settled he's felt. He said he's happy to retire from Intuit and live here forever -- not sure if I want to live in Arizona forever... but no plans to move, and lots of things to keep us here. He's happy. He's content. Which makes me happy :D !!

Got my Sweet Adeline Int'l Convention "Keepin' Score" booklet -- it is VERY cool! It is self-described as "the definitive competition guide for Stat Rats, Armchair Judges, Trivia Nuts & Costume Doodlers!" International in Las Vegas is only a couple weeks away... better get back to scrappin!


Krista said...

Just so we're clear, I called because I love you. Your comment wouldn't have induced any guilt otherwise. :)

C D said...

Funny how that works, huh? Love You Too! where are my pictures of chuck?!!

Ell said...

You unsubbed?

Are you having withdrawels yet?

I think unsubbing saved part of my sanity. =D