Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1st

Well ~ I only managed to get one entry in August...
Here's a picture of my month... I put in some colored spots to edit a bit... but you can see there was a lot going on. I won't be able to talk about the surprise I've been working on for a few months ~ well, a couple of surprises, actually! But it has taken up my time, as well as taking on selling bulk tickets for the chorus for our show in October. My brother's getting married in October, and I am planning to go to Sweet Adelines International Convention in October. Thankfully, September is not quite as full!

I was sick all last week ~ I'm sure my feelings of being overwhelmed by all the things I'd said "Yes" to were contributing to my anger, depression... not to mention the hormones -- but that is over and that wave has disappeared and I'm back to my normal optimistic & sunny self (!)

Don't get me wrong ~ there is still a lot going on!

The two craft classes I've taught so far have gone really well ~ I've taken pictures of the participants with their cards, and it is awesome interacting with the seniors at Fellowship Square again. The singing is also going really well. I did a 5 song sing-along this past Wednesday, being sick and all... I usually perform better when I'm partially sick because I don't put that perfection pressure on myself (sometime I'll have to tell the story of Singing in Ireland at the IABS - Irish Assoc. of Barbershop Singers - contest with my UK quartet, "Steppin' Forth".. sick as a dog but still managing to bring home a huge medal...literally huge compared to the Sweet Adeline medals... 3rd place!).

Anyway -- we had much fun on Wednesday, and I'll make up the time with a longer performance in October.

I was thinking I'd put the cabaret singing on hold a little longer -- but himself has said that he thinks I shouldn't... that it will, in the next year or so, give me the freedom and even more importantly, the money, to do all these things I want to do. I just know in my heart that the minute I really commit to it, it will take off and I'll then (have to) be responsible, which strikes a bit 'o fear in my heart. A dream come true - performing for senior audiences... it might even lead to other, more prominent venues... and I see the snowball and doubt my readiness.

In some ways I'm quite afraid of committment -- there is that 'all or nothing' mentality that lies and says if I do this then I'll "never" do that... and well, I know that is a lie, but fear of missing out on something has stopped me from a number of opportunities, I think.

Anyway ~ I'm committed to doing five income-producing activities a day... or activities that will move my business forward... and exercising at least 3 times a week. The wedding is Oct 21st - so that gives me 6 weeks to lose a couple pounds -- and I have so much to lose I might even lose a whole size (or two) in that time, which would be phenomenal
(did I spell that right?).

So -- I'm off to create!

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Ell said...

Yay You!! =)

I've always loved your sunny self. You brighten a room when you walk in and can bring a smile to everyone's face. =)

Scotland is a lot less sunny without ya. ;)

Sounds like your dreams are coming true and I'm really happy to hear that!!

Love and hugs,