Saturday, September 23, 2006

It Is What It Is

That is my new philosophy.

The other one I like is asking myself the question,
"Who would I be if I didn't believe that to be true?" That being whatever negative & defeating thought currently going through my head.

Himself is at Loew's, buying the necessary (and probably unneccessary) bits and bobs of hardware to finish creating a theatre type atmosphere in our living room... We found Halloween Lights - rope lights that are lavender, to put up and around... so it will interesting what it eventually looks like. This is what it looks like now...

Last weekend I don't think himself even got dressed --

I taught a craft class, which of course I'd procrastinated on, but it went really well -- and was fun, as usual, working with the seniors at Fellowship Square.

I finished the big special project, but can't publish anything yet, because the event hasn't taken place yet.

I've been going absolutely stark raving mad with the tiny gnats flying around. Because of all the rain we had, we've also been infested with Mosquitos --- ARGHGHGGHGHHHHH.

I went to chorus for the first time in at least a month last Tuesday - we ran the second half of the show, which is the half I'll be in -- still have 3 songs I need to learn. *sigh*

I received some really nice feedback from one of the show committee chairwomen, she said that what I've done with getting groups (seniors) to come to the show has been the best result they've ever had. I'm all about recognition, so that was cool... yet inner committee comes back with "yeah, just think of what you could have done had you really spent more time on it -- it could have been so much better/ so many more!! Loser." So I try to counter with, "It is what it is, and I have done the best I can for the moment... and it is better than nothing, and better than we've ever done before!!" plthplthlphtlsplths (that's the official spelling of a raspberry...)!!!

And this is despite me having to give up half of what I'd been asked to do.

I made some AWESOME crockpot lasagne this week -- I tend to be even more lazy (hard to imagine) when it comes to cooking in the slow cooker... so browning meat before putting it in the crock is time intensive for me, but oh how worth it! And you don't cook the noodles (how much easier is that!!!) *darn gnats* -- cream cheese, sour cream.... himself loved it too - he hasn't really taken to the American Italian sauces that aren't cream sauce -- too sharp for his tastes, so this creamy tomato sauce was right up his ally.

Himself was going through some funky stuff at work, but it seems to have cleared up - he is going to be in the systems area of Le Cert software help desk, so that makes him a happy chappy!

And ~ we've decided we want to get a dog ~ probably from the pound or humane society... a dog that has been housebroken at least... we dog sat for mom & Larry for 10 days -- and we miss not being greeted with such enthusiasm at the door ;-)

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Ell said...

A house with REAL carpet! Don't ask me why I said that. It just seems like carpet here isn't really carpet at all but rather kiddie on carpet. Maybe it's even a kiddie on country. Maybe... maybe... this is all a dream.... LOL =D =D =D

Maybe, just maybe, I need to get some more sleeeep. ;)

Ya know, I've always thought you are very enthusiastic and a go-getter when it comes to projects... and I never realised just how hard on yourself you are.