Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of the worst movies I've seen

Is "Run Robbie Run" -- himself put it on the list to come to the house on the recommendation of Dusty from work... for a bad movie it was mostly well-acted, and had some big cameos (Jeff Goldbum, Ben Stiller... and the pain of watching this wretched movie was slightly worth it to see Mandy Patankin's part... but only if you're a MP fan.)

Rascal's Foster mommy came to visit today - and everyone is so happy he is here -- he's happy, she's happy and we're thrilled. PLUS -- she has three boxes of stamps, inks & goodies for me to "foster mommy" while she and her hubby remodel their house. How fun it is to have new toys to play with!!

Tomorrow I'm getting together with some gals from my chorus to see if we are potentially right as a barbershop quartet -- a local one. I'm excited.

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