Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

There's a blog I read that has a "thursday thirteen" and I like that -- random stuff about the week...

[1] I might be changing jobs

[2] Rascal's one month adoption to our family is this Saturday. Holy Moly.

[3] I think I may be having a different Easter Dinner at a friend's -- eastern european traditional food... I'll let you know how the beet, horseradish & sauerkraut goes!

[4] Firesigns... think that's a good name for a quartet? (Vonnie -- shhhhh! ;-)

[5] Did a sing-a-long with the seniors on Wednesday -- it was fun!

[6] The jewelry (paper clay pins) class with the seniors on Saturday also went really well!

[7] 13 unique things... not easy.

[8] Went to the 4th Avenue St Fair on Sunday afternoon -- two hours of walking - I only bought cinammon cashews for my adorable himself, because he gave me $15 'pocket money' -- I'm pretty broke right now and that just warms my insides!!

[9] Didn't go to church on Sunday, anywhere -- can't afford the gas to my regular congregation... and am ambiguous about going 'back' to my 'home' congregation.

[10] Didn't clean my house Monday morning -- and am feeling rotten about it. Promised myself I'll be consistent, otherwise Rascal Hair is my newest fashion accessory.

[11] Tuesday I sang for a friend's neighbor's mom's 75th birthday - "I Surrender All" (or, in our hymnal "All To Jesus I Surrender") and "Amazing Grace" - a cappella. The mom had seen Faith Hill sing 'I Surrender All' on Oprah, and has gone crazy looking for a recording, she loved it so much, only to find Faith Hill hasn't recorded it. She said I was every bit as good as Faith Hill *blush* It was really really neat - and I wasn't nervous at all at all...

[12] Went to my first Tucson Girls Chorus Board Meeting monday night -- ooh yeah, that's what I did all day Monday (!) -- I'm doing PR/Marketing and I wrote my first Press Release since college. yeah, it took me awhile :-)

[13] I'm so proud of myself for walking a minimum of a quarter mile every morning with my doggie. Most mornings are half a mile, and Tuesday morning we did a mile (I thought he was a bit knackered!). I found out about this google site, which brings up a map of what zipcode you enter (i.e., my neighborhood) and you can figure out walking distances -- gmaps pedometer! It is WAY COOL! And saves me from driving around the neighborhood to see how far I've been walking! I saw it in a recent issue of Real Simple Magazine.

wow... it gets easier as you go.


ensie said...

Doing the Thursday 13 thing myself and wanted to tell you that your dog is adorable!

amy said...

Neat list..Lots of cool things..easter dinner sounds neat! Looking forward to reading more of yours!