Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Week --

Well, we've had Rascal one full week today. He's awesome. We've gone for a walk every morning, and I've been up at 5:40 am twice this week -- knowing that by 7am it is too darn hot for me to be walking, I've been going to bed at reasonable hours which means less tv, less computer, more dog. That is a good thing. We went to the vet for our first visit/introduction/wellness check that is required by FAIR ~ even the vet said we lucked out and got a great dog!!

He seems to be 'quite content in himself' - as himself says... which means he like to hang out in the yard, he can get a little hyper twice a day -- all our bolster sized pillows have been moved to safer locations... since he's king of the house we have to be trained, don't we? He got a hold of an odor eater from himself's shoe, and my slipper was in the living room one day -- but no damage (whew!). He'll sit, and seems to have calmed down a little in the licking department -- he doesn't think we really serious when we're going to bed -- he'll come in and check to make sure we're not faking him out... it's kinda funny... now that he's stopped jumping up on the bed to make sure we're not faking :-)

I got on the treadmill yesterday morning after our walk and walked for 30 minutes - yay me! And this morning I got on and after 12 minutes it bleeped and went dead... so have to have himself come have a look.

So -- the dog is helping us be better adults, which is good.

We watched "The Intrepreter" last night with Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn -- really like Sean Penn. The acting was excellent, the story a bit on the weak side... but entertaining, and that is what it is all about! Himself rented 'Flags of our Fathers' and watched that night before last.

Still waiting is "The Prestige" with Hugh Jackman, "Finding Neverland" and some movie a guy at himself's work recommended, "Run Donny Run" -- so we'll probably watch a couple tonight.

Counted up how many pages I've scrapped - 48 since the beginning of the year! Not all of them are done, or journalled -- but now that I think (I *hope*!) I've got all the pictures developed I may be close to finished 2003! It may turn into 3 volumes -- ack. I've set a goal of 40 pages a month for my client... and am thinking if I continue to do the page kits for my own personal scrapping to travel with -- then I can do client's scrapping during the week - 10 pages a week isn't outrageous...

Yesterday I helped with a Youth Rally for church - helped kids check in on Friday night - then was one of 3 adults that went and did an ice cream social for a low-income/senior government apartment complex. The activities they have are all done by volunteers that live in the building (over 400 residents), and I'm hoping we'll be able to get the church youth group involved with a regular volunteering to help out with their parties etc... stuff like decorating, helping cook, clean up and serve food, along with visiting and just hanging out. We had 7 kids, and we served 79 folks -- and I think the kids had fun, I know I did.

Of course, I obsessed over what the kids and other youth minister guy were thinking of me - was I too bossy, was I being a micro-manager, was it going well enough and was anyone blaming me for anything... Maybe this is why I am intimated by this generation's kids -- they're smart-lipped, not kind, and with my sucky self esteem it doesn't help me think better of myself. I usually feel miserable after hanging out with kids -- whereas I always feel fabulous after hanging out with the older folks.

After we came back I hung out with a gal who was on the older fringes of the youth group of my church growing up (same town, different congregation at the moment, but I'm planning to going to my old congregation this morning)... and we just cracked ourselves up -- but then I was sort of at a loss, so I went and sat at the Pepperdine table (the organizer of the youth rally had contacted Christian Colleges to send her stuff - so we had ACU, LCU, OCU, Harding, Cascade and maybe some others) and talked to some kids -- told one talented musician if she wanted to be a professional musician she should start researching music conservatories...

Then the singing started and I sat at the back -- knew some songs, didn't know others, felt completely isolated - thought I probably did it to myself. I was going to stay for the concert, but then found out the concert would be more of the singing -- and I wanted to hear better singing than that (I can be a real snob, eh?!) -- and I was feeling very teary and emotional ~ and hadn't told himself that I'd be late - told him I'd be home around 6pm - so I left... cried most of the way home and couldn't really tell anyone why. I just kept thinking I feel so "Less Than" -- and couldn't resist myself with the thought "I Am Enough" -- my leftover mantra from 'Starting Over' - miss that show!!

But yet it was a good day -- weird.

Called himself to see if he wanted something from the grocery store before I got home - and he thankfully said "Pizza" - so I got pizza, ice cream, yogurt, soda, bagels (I was starving in the store...) and chips ahoy cookies -- cuz they sounded really good. Then we ate pizza, watched 2 1/2 men (love that show -- Jon Cryer is the perfect foil for Charlie Sheen -- the whole cast is awesome), then ice cream and the movie. And asleep before 11pm -- yay!

So why I was all sad and weird I'm not sure -- my inner committee obviously was being negative and I wasn't really noticing, perhaps? Trying to please everyone instead of just God?

And the treadmill went dead this morning -- but himself just got up and looked at it and the cord that connects to the machine had come loose... at the time this morning though I knew it was SATAN!! Trying to get me to fail -- because I was happily walking along at 2.5 mph -- had only been on it for about 12 minutes... relieved that it was something minor - yay God :D.

Gotta get showered to get to church :-)

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