Thursday, March 15, 2007

What brings me joy here and now

Our Dog * organizing * fresh coffee * hot showers * cool mornings * scrapping * meeting new friends * new challenges * a shiny sink * oatmeal for breakfast * Hershey's "Take 5" candy bar * early morning walks with Rascal * unexpected handmade cards in the mail from friends *


yerdoingitwrong said...

Fun list!!! I'm gonna do a list that brings me joy soon, too. Good idea!!

Vonnie said...

I enjoyed seeing you at church Sunday - sorry we didn't get to talk more. So who's in the quartet?

C D said...

You can't say anything yet, Vonnie... I'll tell you very soon... -- but we're definitely forming :-) got together tonight and were pretty happy with the sound and our potential!!

You know how it is with quartets... you kinda have to make sure everyone is okay with telling... and I don't want you to have to worry about what you're not supposed to let slip, ya know?

But I can tell you for sure that Lisa is one :D I don't think she'd mind...

Can you believe contest is only a couple weeks away - e-gads!!

talk soon!

C D said...

Hey Yer ~
I saw this on a scrapbook page and thought it would be a great blog item... I keep forgetting to be vocal about all the Awesome stuff in life!!! :D