Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Busy Day Before Going Back To Work!

I got up early -- did dishes, loaded the dishwasher, turned it on AND emptied it all in the same day. This is a miracle, truly.

I emptied five boxes, arranged things in and on my craft shelves, went to Target to return the food processor that was missing a part, made meatloaf & broccoli with the last of the Christmas mashed potatoes (yummy), and even had bread and salad. AND made another meatloaf, uncooked which is in the freezer. AND cooked the rest of the ground beef and made taco meat.

I washed most of the dishes (I should really be 'shining my sink' a la Flylady... but my feet are killing me and I'm exhausted!), and looked at my "to do" list tomorrow -- which starts the beginning of my routine.

I resist routine -- in a big big way -- it rarely disguises itself as fun, and is usually something you have to 'get through' in order to get to the fun stuff. And I'm all about fun. [sidenote: I got one of those emails tonight that says should eat ice cream, don't put things off, spend time gazing at a butterfly's erratic flight through the flowers etc... well, I don't have a problem putting things off and spending time daydreaming, taking time to chat over coffee, tea and whatever fattening goody I fancy. My issue is being self-disciplined... following through. I'm so easily distracted by things that are more fun than swiffering my floors, picking up dog poop and emptying the garbarge!]

It is now 10:06 pm -- time to go to sleep so I can get up and accomplish most of what is on my list for my "morning routine."

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