Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Furniture!

REAL new furniture... virgin cushions that have seated none but our behinds! It is so exciting!

Himself and I went to Sam Levitz and bought a SET (I pushed for a set - loveseat and 3-seater couch) and they both have 2 recliners! (So that means 4 recliners in all :-) The love seat has a middle bit for storage of remotes etc... and a little tray. It's a 'aged-worn' brown Micro-fiber that we're having master-stain dipped, and, knowing how hard we are on the furniture, we bought the lifetime (10 year) recliner parts replacement deal.

We're going to get rid of two chairs (which I really love but they're way past their prime...), keep another comfy chair for the spare room, and himself has ordered a ceiling mount thingey for the projector. He built two additional shelves in the front closet, and we're slowly getting the laundry room so that it will hold spare kitchen appliances that we love but don't use very often.

Once we get the dining room table cleared off (this week), I want to get out the sewing machine (gasp!) and make some curtains... still not clear on what color scheme I'm going to go for in the living room -- we originally were going for a Movie House theme -- we have a couple movie-themed things that go on the wall, and we bought some classic movie posters, but I'm not sure...

When I get the Christmas Tree down (!) I'll really feel like we're moving along. I think the Christmas stuff is going to go out in himself's shed for the time being, until another shed can be built for a workshop for him. I have concern about Christmas stuff being outside in the summer...

Nothing like have people over to get your house in order!

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The trip to California was worth it. Giving my mom and myself a chance to hang out without our husbands.

I'm finally really angry at the entire house situation, and at how it has turned out. Mom's house hasn't sold yet, and L allowed the price to be reduced by $10,000 -- and they had an Open House on Sunday (don't know how that went yet), and we're really crossing our fingers it won't sell and she can rent it.

There's a lot going on there that isn't really for blogland, so please keep us in your prayers and good thoughts.


Kellie said...

thinking of you!

Ann(ie) said...

Thinking of you, love. Hang in there. Your furniture sounds lovely....post a pic!!

Ann(ie) said...

Sounds like my couches actually. Microfiber with recliners. They rule!!