Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Watching Movies...

Himself and I watched the original Sci-Fi channel's mini-series "Tin Man" last night (I love TiVo!) and it was quite good... Both himself and I love Alan Cumming (though he reminds me of a Scottish Pee Wee Herman), and I like Neal McDonough.

Tonight we watched "The Flying Scotsman" about Graeme Osbree, who achieved a variety of bicycle world records in the 90's. It also stars Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) -- if you like Scottish accents and a good story - be sure and see it.

Today I talked to a number of family and friends I've not talked to in awhile, and started the initial stages of planning a "Quilters" (& Friends) Reunion in 2010 - 20 years after we performed the show at Pepperdine. For many reasons it was one of the best shows the Theatre Department ever put on -- and if it is done wrong, it could be slow and boring and suck, but the 7 of us who did it bonded in ways we never imagined, and the entire experience (which I almost missed out on) has become one of the most 'impactful' (I don't think that is a real word, but it's late and I'm being lazy) on me and my life.

One more day to do whatever I want, then back to work!

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