Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today is Freakin' Cold - yesterday it rained pretty much all day -- I had some great Volunteer Management Training -- went home early and went to a crop where I punched tons of Sizzix Birthday dies for Craft Class today -- am still in my pj's, with pants on and my robe, drinking coffee and procrastinating getting the rest of the stuff ready for class.

Himself was upset that there is a tiny imperfection in the cover of the console in the two-seater couch, so he made me call Sam Levitz and get a new one -- he was hoping they'd offer a price reduction, but since he didn't talk to them and I'm not the haggler/negotiator, we're getting a brand new couch delivered today.

We have to finish clearing out the guest/himself's room and set up the double bed and make it presentable for guests -- I'm so excited that we're going to have 6 people staying with us for a weekend -- it'll be crowded but I think we'll all have fun. Family from Oklahoma and California coming for the Open House a week from today. :D

oh, and I'm enjoying triple chunk brownie from Betty Crocker for breakfast with my coffee. yum!

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