Sunday, February 24, 2008

We survived -- and thrived -- and had a great time :D

And had a fabulous time.

I think I'm sick now, though -- this flu thing that everyone has had may have touched me - I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm headachey, my throat is scratchy and I'm wanting to cough. I'm achey and really exhausted.

Happy and Sad -- when I'm this tired I cry -- I cried during the Oscar speeches, I'm such a flippin' wuss.

So awesome to see my relatives -- less folks than last time at my Open House - but I'll blame it on the busy busy town Tucson is in February, March & April.... it IS Rodeo Weekend, anyhow!!

I do love my family, and appreciate them so much. And there is a possibility of being Oklahoma Land Owners in our future... lots to consider and think about in the next year or so.

sleepy time now

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