Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It is what it is.... letting go... procrastination finds another face

I have people coming to s t a y IN my house -- the kitchen is a mess. The guest room isn't even funny. My studio is obscenely neat on one side and tornado-hit-it on the other. Himself's bathroom is vile. I haven't grocery shopped. The back yard is a mess. I'm going to see the Putnam County Spelling Bee tomorrow night -- and while I have Thursday off and Friday off -- and my sister doesn't know it yet but she's going to (hopefully) help me with the finishing touches of getting my rear in gear for Saturday... I still will be a raving maniac in the meantime.

Not enough to do anything about it, though.

I'm "letting it go" -- and "it is what it is" -- which just means really, "I can't be bothered" -- but my little inner guilt voice is nagging and whining... and the judgement that will be upon my head because my house is d i r t y .... well... I'm not sure how my recovery will go.

Will it be with copious amounts of colorado bulldogs....
Gilmore Girls Fest (Season 1) -- or West Wing Fest (still haven't opened the last 3 seasons... and I missed a lot of stuff in there)... or other guilty do-nothing pleasures?

I need to wash my clothes -- I need to buy food and while I've sketched a menu I'm still unsure how all that will go.


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Ann(ie) said...

I need to check out West Wing. I've heard good things. And then I need to settle in with many Colorado bulldogs. I tried em...they rock....!


I am a maniac when people are coming over. Because I tend to be sloppy when I'm expecting no one so I have a lot of ground to cover!