Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anonymity -- eh... not really

Y'know, I can be all kinds of sarcastic. When telling stories that are negative... usually about how stupid people are... which doesn't show a very nice or kind side of me. [voices in my head going "but... but.... BUT!! These people are not smart! actually the voices are saying "these people are idiots!"]

I've been reading some absolutely hysterical blogs lately (I've added links to what I read on the column on the left)... and while I know having a sense of humor in writing doesn't always play out in person (and vice-versa), I would absolutely love to get some of these women together for coffee... we get the whole coffee house to ourselves and put 4 of us together at each table, rotate every hour or so and let the fun begin.

The other thing is that (as my father, who reads my blog - "hi dad!" told me) things you put on the internet never go away.

So - things we post on the 'net never go away. [*Full Stop] Check.

So I don't post the funniest things that happen because too many people know who I am, and I don't want to hurt any feelings or worse, **piss anyone off. This is not an anonymous blog.

I guess that is my rambling for today.

*Full Stop is what we would call a Period at the end of a sentence.

**I'm more afraid of what opinion would be of me for doing something wrong than actually doing something wrong. I guess this is good in a way because it has stopped me from making unwise decisions, but it also has stopped me from other things that who know, might not be so unwise.

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