Sunday, March 09, 2008

I should be crafting and organizing, but I end up reading about crafting and organizing.

There are tons 'o blogs out in blogland -- yesterday I found a site dedicated to crafty storage. It was so fun to look around at a bunch of different craft rooms and studios... but it doesn't get MY room more organized.

I want to continue scrapping my college albums and get them done -- the end of April is the retirement of the Tech Director at Pepperdine who has been there 25 years... he put the word out and I think a lot of former students might show up -- I'd love to have my albums there for perusing... along with a reunion in June.

Then there is the organizing part -- labeling, putting things away and then knowing where I put them... making page kits for faster scrapping when I actually to get to go to crops... making some cards with the cool new stamps and supplies I got -- I get inspired by these blogs but then spend hours on blogs and not on my own stuff.

It reminds me of that saying -- something about people who watch, people who do and people who wonder... I used to be a doer, now it seems I'm becoming a watcher.

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Went to see a high school production of Little Shop of Horrors Friday night --it was really excellent. The voices on those kids were terrific. This high school has quite a bit of money among the student population, and they obtained quite a bit of community backing so the sets were fabulous -- it really was a high quality high school show.

Next week some friends and I will check out a newer local musical theatre group, because I'm curious -- Cabaret. I've never seen the stage show, just the movie -- and I it is always different, so I'm looking forward to seeing it for a number of reasons.

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I'm getting the name of a well-spoken of voice teacher -- thinking I need to get back into 'legitimate' voice coaching/lessons for reminders of things I learned 20 years ago but have been out of practice with.

The only time I've ever lost weight was with the secret hope that I may get a certain part in a musical while I was in college. Maybe another carrot like that is what I need to get my rear in gear back to a fitness routine.

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Kat said...

Oh oh oh ... LINKS??? ;) You should see my scrap area, hun ... nothing goes! Really have to sort that out soon, maybe my MOJO is turning back that way. :)

Oh ... and can you e-mail me your postal addy? Missing anything from Scotland btw - could send some fudge or tablet maybe? :D