Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This is the earliest Easter Sunday since 1940, and we won't see another Easter this early for 200 years. That must be true, my morning radio show hosts said it :-) We are doing absolutely nothing to commemorate this Holiday. I did not go to church. I've not done a single card, or done a small basket for my adorable himself... nada. I did buy some Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, and some Cadbury Creme Eggs for people at work... and our awesome realtor, Karen Barrera & Associates left us some yellow bunny peeps.

I did the craft class yesterday, "Flower Fairies" - which wasn't as well attended as it would have been as next Saturday because of the Easter Weekend, but they still turned out cute. That's as close as I've come to doing anything crafty for Easter.

- - - - -

I did get to a crop on Friday night, and scrapped 6 pages - very very very uninspired, but the pages are there, and lots of journalling to do on them! I did journal 2 of the 6, but it was just writing out what the back of one of the postcards said, so like I said, realy really very very uninspired. I had fun at the crop however!!

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"Wild with a Glue Gun" ~ Getting Together with Crafty Friends by Kitty Harmon & Christine Stickler (c) 2004 is a book I got from Amazon not long ago. Some of the reviews on the site panned it, but this is something a fellow crafty friend, T, and I would certainly enjoy doing -- and it was way cheap on the 'used' Amazon aisle ;-).

Regular Crafting at my house would: [1] inspire (motivate/get my rear in gear) me to keep my house clean (reason enough, really) and [2] help me increase my range of crafty endeavors (always fun), and [3] possibly meet some new peeps!

To have a weekly craft meet would be so very fun and cool! Bring your own thing -- scrapping, cardmaking, quilting, yarn fun, things-that-require-glue guns... or maybe twice a month do your own thing, twice a month we learn something new... I dunno, I'll read this book, discuss with T and see what we think :-)

- - - - -
Artists vs. Crafter

Consider this quote by Thoms Minotaur ~ “I think being an artist comes from within, like a state of mind. … an artist is anyone who can express what is going on in their head/soul through any creative medium, whether it be spoken, written, sung, played, danced, or put on canvas. It is the act of releasing and documenting thoughts and feelings that makes one an artist.”

I think that is a great definition of an artist. So many bloggers are artists in the comedic release of their joys, sorrows and attitudes of rearing children and of life. I would add photography to the above, for certain, for there is emotion and expression in photos, and I think to be a good photographer, it requires a way to access your own emotions to really be able to capture it in others.

So -- all us knitters (I don't knit but aspire), scrapbookers, cardmakers, beading enthusiasts... I think many consider themselves artists. And some might be, and many certainly are. But I know for certain that when I'm putting stickers and paper on a page of photos, I'm not expressing how I'm feeling, I'm thinking (key: thinking, not feeling) about the photos.

On this craft forum, there are creative people, for sure. And I think some of them are artists... they create things that express something (!)

I don't have a lot of regular readers of my blog, but I would ask this question - when can you call yourself an Artist? vs. a Crafter or a Crafty Person?

I would put forward that all Artists are Creative, but not all Creative People are Artists.
I started thinking of this, and got the above quote from this page, which has other more open and broad definitions of when would someone call him/her-self an Artist.

I'm in the middle of painting my first rock (!) and really having fun... went digging around the world wide web for more information on Acrylic Painting and have been surfing for an hour...
I'll post photos soon... I'm having a grand time!

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