Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing 2008

I love the Olympics. I cry when gold medallists hear their national anthem on the podium. I ache when gymnasts fall. I'm amazed at the dedication, the persistence, the pursuit of a single goal -- the focus and determination... if I could apply just 1/2 of that in my own life to one single objective I've set for myself -- how much I could achieve.

These athletes inspire me. Dara Torres - 41 years old with an amazing body and strength -- wow!
Michael Phelps -- what a cool story.


Kellie said...

I'm lovin' the Olympics too! Especially the swimming since my kids are swimmers.

Watching Dara Torres is very motivating! That's for sure!

Ann(ie) said...

I could watch Michael Phelps ALL DAY. *sigh*