Monday, August 04, 2008

...My name is Desert Diva

and I'm an a cappella music addict.

I try to escape it. I listen to other types and genres of music, and even enjoy them. But in my heart of hearts, my soul yearns to hear and sing harmony. Normal harmony -- hearing over 6 different notes sung and my ears crack.

I spend hours on Youtube listening and watching barbershop and a cappella performances.

I try to say I'll take a break from quartet singing, but I am powerless and will be going up to Phoenix for a fun, trial sing with some serious singin' women... one of whom is the bass from the Phoenix quartet (Hearts Afire) I love(d) so much.

If you have not heard amazing a cappella, you probably have gone through life thinking you've missed something... but not really sure what that hole in your soul longs for.

If you've heard even sort of bad a cappella (not even REALLY bad), you've gone through life being thankful you don't have to hear that again. Don't let one or two or a million horrible listening experiences lead you away from the transcendence of your spirit and soul that can come from listening to the old instrument made by God -- the human voice.

Acoustix, some of the best men's a cappella you'll ever hear!

Underage, the SAI Young Women In Harmony Champs (2005). [they're older now and they've changed the name of their quartet to "LoveNotes"] at the time they won, 3 of them were 17 and one was 20 years old!! I was going to post the Youtube video of "And So It Goes", but that song is on their myspace page and the sound quality is much-o better!!

I found Sweet Adelines when I was 22 or something like that -- and I've been off and on since then.

But I'm not addicted to just barbershop... oh no.

DaVinci's Notebook (they broke up) has a very funny song called "Liposuction" - clever lyrics, good harmony, sarcasm at its a cappella best :D

The Flight of the Bumblebee... you've never heard it like this! (The Swingle Singers)

My name is desert diva and I am absolutely okay with being an a cappella music addict.

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Stephanie J. said...

I found your site via my friend's site, La Vida Dulce (coffeegal.blogspot)

I love acapella, too!

Have you heard of Anonymous 4? Four women from the U of Chicago (I believe) who keep ancient and "lost" acapella music alive. Here's their profile:

Their albums are released by Harmonia Mundi.

If you want to hear a sample, navigate on over to my blog and click on the second track on my playlist...