Monday, September 15, 2008


Is something I lack... I'm consistent in that I like to sleep... I like to stay up too late... and I often make a huge effort to avoid something I don't want to do.

I started this blog to help me track how much time passes, and to help me remember what each year has achieved, or not achieved -- I'm a better writer than what goes out there... but often the emotional *crap* (for lack of better word) engulfs me, and I can't see the funny side of anything -- and there are a lot of funny people and situations out there!

I spent a couple hours yesterday finding more Pepperdine alums on facebook -- it is fun!

I've moved my craft room around a little... getting easier access to the music and trying to clear some space for my new keyboard (yay!).

I'm going to a weekend crop soon, and have so many projects to choose from:
  • finish my 3-volumes of college life
  • begin my "Quilters" album in preparation for the reunion that needs to start getting organized
  • Get up-do-date with the Christmas Album
  • Finish my friend's 40th surprise party album (he'll be 42 in February)
  • Begin/Finish my mom's (surprise) album
  • Re-do the Edinburgh Festival album from 1990 (part of college but separate, like Quilters)
  • Get my Bravvo! tour out of three 3-ring binders and condensed into one album
If I finish college, that will clear out a box of stuff... and a table will be free for the keyboard
I'm thinking that makes the most sense right now.

It is going to be a busy week at work... need to get going!

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Kellie said...

I really need to do a weekend crop myself. I haven't scrapped a thing since The Girls first year....uh, 7 years ago! I am behind!