Saturday, September 13, 2008

Craft Class Again

We're doing Autumn-Halloween pocket door hangers -- it has been fun putting it together.

Right now I'm sitting in my 'studio' -- I had to find a corner rounder (found it!) and knew where it was, but it was two or three layers of stuff to go through before I could get to the box they were in... So I figure I might as well re-arrange a little -- himself wants my desk for his work-at-home that starts end of this next week, so I'm losing a great (second-hand) desk -- gaining some space -- so I'm trying to think how best to re-arrange.

And I'll be returning to Sweet Adelines, and so have to have access to all that stuff.

I'm going away to scrap for a weekend in October, and it sure would be nice to have all the stuff I've been saving to scrapbook "someday" in page kits ready to go...

Not impossible, and now that it is cooling down slightly (I actually turned the blower of the evap cooler up to 70 last night!!!) I am much more likely to stay in here and get some work done.

- - -
I've not been to the gym since August 14th. My knee is really really hurting, worse than ever before... and I know that walking will strengthen what needs to be strengthened... and do my back a lot of good too.

I got my can of pepper spray (they were out of the pocket/purse size, so I have a MAJOR can of pepper spray) and the silver police whistle -- now for the flashlight and the massive something in which to hang all this stuff and wear while I'm out walking my dog. Cuz when you have a handful of dog poop (which also could be a formidable weapon....) and a dog leash in both hands, you don't want to be worrying about the flashlight and the pepperspray -- but yet you want it handy and ready-to-go.

If I'd left T.'s earlier than 11:15pm (if I'd been leaving closer to 9pm) I would have gone to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I'm going to do that today. Sometime today. I miss the workout, I miss feeling proud of myself for doing something good for me that I don't necessarily enjoy.

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