Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh the Randomness

Life is full!

I'm struggling with sinus headaches = toothaches because of the pressure -- worse on the back teeth that have a crack and are sensitive when I don't have sinus pressure.

Work is way busy -- tomorrow is United Way's Days of Caring -- a great thing but a pain in my backside... too much detail for how tired I am at the moment.

I've been a baaaadd blogger -- so much for consistency!

My knee hurts but it is better.

Had a great weekend at mom's last weekend -- napped, watched movies, ate popcorn... and it was a great rest before the crazy that is now.

Looking forward to my brother & sister in law's open house in October ... lots of family, and I'm gonna be scrapbooking in the woods... so much fun to be had :D. I have such high hopes of how much I can get done in 72 hours (notice I dont' say 3 days!!).

we'll be draining the (green) pool this weekend.

Hubby got great news with work so he's a happy camper.

Rascal is adorable as usual.

I'm blessed, and so thankful.

I've recently been experimenting with EFT -- and it did make my sinus headache diminish by leaps and bounds.

Baronness and Sad Tomato -- would you get your hiney's on Facebook please?! (kiss kiss)


Baroness Insomniac said...

Ok, I bit off and tried some EFT. I think it works because of the meridians in the body. (I think you know how much I shun new age stuff now.) =)) Anyway - that's my take on it. It's rather startling but shouldn't be if we think of all the nerve endings and pressure points in the body. Coolness. =))

Why is Tomato now Sad Tomato?? =((


Kellie said...

FUn randomness.

ANd I have been a hot/cold blogger myself! Welcome to the club!