Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

I have to say this Christmas has been very weird.

No tree (a first for me) up. Not a single house decoration out.
Haven't sent or given a card... some work people got some ornaments, and that's it.
Himself and I aren't giving gifts to each other, but we need to give gifts to others...

Mom loved her Heritage album -- and her necklace, and her CD (which will also be sent to Dad after the Christmas rush...)! L appreciated his camouflage rifle bar-b-que lighter. I've not deposited Christmas checks from MIL, and the house is a mess. It just feels incomplete - and I think this feeling is because of all the 'unfinished projects' at work.

I started out with a plan, and good intentions, but sitting in front of the boob-tube increased the feelings of "don't feel like it" - along with the messy house, kitchen, craft room and what feels like my life in general. Doing everything based on how I feel is very dangerous indeed - and is a habit that needs to change.

I'm in a weird place... and I hope everyone is having a more peaceful holiday than I seem to be bringing upon myself .

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Ann(ie) said...

Very similar year here girlfriend!