Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy Busy

Hectic & Busy... but a good time.

I've not been sleeping all that well ~ too much to do and not enough time in which to do it!!

But... I'm in a new quartet - so a Big WhOO HOOoooo!!!

We sang on Sunday up in the Phoenix area, and had the 'lay your cards out on the table' talk and rang quite a few chords... and ate some Christmas cookies! They all want the recipes - which is a good sign.
* * * * *
I haven't made any cookies since the Cookies-In-A-Jar recipe - which is delicious... so I can now safely give away this as a gift, now that I've tried the recipe!

I've been home too late to be in the mood to bake -- I would have started a batch tonight at 9pm, but have to get up at way-too-early to go to way-too-far-away work Board Meeting -- and don't have any of the fru fru niceties that I wanted to have for a few of the folks -- but I'm hoping to take care of that this weekend at the CRAFT DAY on Sunday afternoon with my pal T.

Saturday I also hope to bake bake bake and get the things I want to make organized to take to her place.
* * * * *
Friday is a crop, and I'm bringing my new (I still say new, but she's been there 6 months!) office assistant, who scraps a little, but needs to be introduced to the obsession...

And I made plans to craft later on in the month with one of the moms who is a friend from work... so that will be fun too.
* * * * *
I've still not got the tree up (which makes me bummed) and not sure when it will get up -- maybe Saturday... but only if we move some furniture around -- right now we don't have the room.
* * * * *
Went to my chorus' show on Saturday afternoon - it was really good! Spent the morning with my Aunt M ~ we went to breakfast at the Good Egg (yum) and I filled her in on the drama of last year's birthday story... and then she took me shopping -- I wanted some baking supplies so we went to Target and got some good stuff.

One of the reasons I've procrastinated baking is that I don't have the room to do any rolling of any kind... so tonight I went to the dollar store and got a holiday plastic table cover, and will use it to cover the dining table and do my rolling out there.

I do need to do some serious clearing of that flat space, however, first.

After the show we went to dinner with mom and "mom 2" - another "M" -- to a restaurant I've been wanting to try for awhile, but the wait is always ridiculous... so going at 4pm on a Saturday would be a good time to avoid the crowd. Oregano's is very good, with HUGE portions at extremely reasonable prices ~ my 4-cheese pasta was a bit on the dry side, but very tasty... and it came in a baked bread bowl, which was cool!
* * * * *
Well, time to snooze -- these mornings are cold and dark!

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