Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in Cave Creek

Drove up to have Christmas with mom and step-dad for this weekend... brought the Heritage Album I've been doing for mom... and I was right, some of the photos in this book of her at toddler and younger age she's never seen before. I couldn't wait to give it to her -- so last night at 11pm I said, "I can't wait" and gave it to her -- and we'll go over to her oldest sister tomorrow to verify locations and dates... Feeling very happy that I did it and it is done!!

I also gave her a cappella company's "Praise and Harmony" CD -- choral singing of a cappella hymn favorites. She's loving it :D She put it on the stereo and music is filling the house. I've been drinking flavored coffee, reading book 4 of the Jan Caron "Mitford" series, eating delicious coffee cake, listening to great music and just hangin' with mom. It is good.

I have one more thing for her -- my friend and co-worker (Artisitic Director of TGC) is from Colombia, and her mother is up here visiting for the holidays -- and her mother (who speaks very very little English) makes these incredible one-of-a-kind and unique necklaces. Last year my friend wore one every so often and said her mother had left some with her to sell, but she never remembered to bring them to me at work... well, last Thursday her mom brought at least a dozen necklaces to our Staff Holiday Lunch Party and I bought 3!! Yikes!! One for me, one for mom, and one for awesome aunt M. who bought me lots of great baking things at Target for my b/day and Christmas.

I have a lighter in the shape of a camaflouge rifle for step-dad.

Do I need to say anymore on that?

I think I want to make some more ornaments... still can't get photos off my camera without going to Walgreens, so photos of the really fun and festive ornaments I made for work peeps (until 1am Wednesday night/Thursday morning -- just in time for the 11am work party... nope, not a procrastinator, not me?!!).


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