Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Tis The Season!

The concert is over... it was beautiful as usual! Our parent volunteers who co-ordinate the entire thing are awesome. My work is all the run up to the actual day... on the day I bring the money for change for the box office & flowers; and I bring the programs... then I sit around and chat to the fun parents... mollify the uncool parents... and stand around looking official... letting everyone see that Staff is at least a presence. I also watch the box office during the show ~ because we often have quite a few latecomers -- even in the 2nd half!
* * * * *
So -- I got up at 10:30 am yesterday and made my list for CRAFT DAY at T's:

Goal #1: Finish Mom's Christmas Present. I don't think she remembers to read this blog very often (or else I'd have more embarrassing comments ;-), but just in case... I got half done Friday night (very very pleased with myself!) and think I can knock the rest out today.

Goal #2: 25 ornaments made. This may be a little optimistic... but whatever.

To Take (In my HUGE black rolling suitcase, no less):
  • Plain Glass Ornaments (to decorate) check
  • Beading Supplies check
  • Bewjeweller & crystals check
  • Hot Glue Gun check
  • Quick Cutz Die Cut tool & Dies check

In my other rolling cart:
  • Some scrapbooking embellishments check
  • Embossing Gun, poweders and ink check
  • Glitter & Aleen's Craft Glue check
  • 3 different kinds of hole punches check
  • The stamps I use to decorate the glass ornaments check
  • Scrapbook Paper to stamp on ... still looking at what I have... may need a Michael's run
  • Cotton Swabs & styrofoam bowls to hold the glue check
  • Fancy Scissors check
  • Personal Trimmer check
  • Adhesive Options: Zig Pens (2), Tombo mono-glue runner (2), Xyron "X", Zots (3 sizes), Double sided mounting tape, -- plus the aforementioned hot glue & Aleen's Craft Glue, Pop-dots (3 different varietes!)
  • Tulle Net (for ribbons on cards) check
  • All My Ribbon (2 containers full) check
  • Colored Pencils check
  • Stamp cleaning Supplies check
  • brushes for watercolor pencils check
  • Sponges for stamping check
  • Extension cord -- cuz they always come in handy!

I still don't have packed:
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Chalks & hairspray (to "set" the chalk with)
  • cardstock - plain and colored
You would think, after this list... that my craft room and supplies would be empty. But no.

It is hard for me to stay focused on the one task at hand. I've got a few ideas for the ornaments -- but really should stick with one or two at the most...! I also want to make little tags for each ornament with the person's name and year on it -- I have the tag-maker (a brand new punch from CM!) now, which I'm looking forward to trying out.

Oh the obsession...

I still want to make the circle/triangle paper ornaments again, cuz T bought a Sizzix die that cuts and scores the circles -- which will save MOUNTAINS of time to make them!
* * * * *
I won't have time today to post the recipes or photos of the cookies -- but on Thursday night I made "Bill's Magic Cookie Bars" and "Raspberry Oatmeal Bars" -- I forgot the flour in the raspberry bars. They look funny but taste good! the 'magic' cookie bars need some modification before they get given away to anyone ~ but they taste yum-mmmeee!!

So -- I've made 7 cookies (8 if you count the 'bark') in the '25 days of Christmas Cookies' so far... with the concert over I should have the energy to do a few more this week. The weekend will be at mom's ~ and she may be up for doing some of the roll-out cookies... I'll bring up my new awesome non-stick rolling pin! :D

Happy Crafting & Cookie Cooking to all....

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