Sunday, December 23, 2007

... and the holiday fun keeps rolling...

Stepdad L was arrested tonight. Two Deputy Sheriffs came to the door at mom's (where I'm spending tonight and we're calling it Christmas, sort of) at 10:00pm - L was already in bed after coming home from dinner with his sister and her husband at the country club here... and the sheriffs just were here to ask him questions, and most likely give him a ticket for backing into a car as he was leaving the parking lot of the restaurant... they were saying it was a "hit and run" becuase L didn't stop and at least (at the very least) leave a note on the car he backed into; which is a misdemeanor. The sheriffs were completely prepared to just give him a ticket, collect his insurance information and let it go, but L was confrontational, a bit confused (he'd been woken from a sound sleep and had had a few drinks and was standing in his robe), then got belligerent and would not answer the questions.

When he raised his voice is when it got ugly -- and the Deputies were nice, very professional, very patient, and after 15 minutes of "wait, let me get this straight... I hit a bush and it is a hit and run?" [because all L heard was that he hit a bush and now they're arresting him... he didn't listen to the entire sentence - L backed over a curb, hit a bush AND the car on the other side of the bush] -- and "I'm going to bed, this is ****" or "I don't understand, who let you in here?" [mom had asked them in -- we didn't know what they were asking about, but I had a bad feeling about it].

There was an eye-witness who saw the accident, got plates, described L to a "T" *and* heard his sister say to him in the truck, "you hit it/them L" -- which is why the sheriffs came to the door.

This is a year of firsts for me -- first time I've been between two people, one of whom refuses to speak again to the other, and the first time I've witnessed an arrest happen to someone I know less than 5 feet away from me in his robe...

I'm at quite a loss for words.

And now it is looking like my family from OKC isn't going to make it out for New Year's, and we're not doing our Open House because we're not ready and the house isn't organized yet... my tree still isn't up, and it is just hard.

Quiet is good --


Kat said...

Oh hun! So sorry to read this! Sending you BIIIIG HUGS over the pond and hope that everything will fall into place for Tuesday!!!

Ann(ie) said...

OH wow honey. I'm very sorry. Thinking of you. Quiet is good sometimes. xo. =(

Kellie said...

Oh C!

When it rains it pours doesn't it? Hang in there. I am going to pray for you. And email you. So check your email.