Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just for Coffee Gal ;-)

It's not a lot but:

I've been sick with a cold/sinus thing since my Root Canal Dec 14th

I have another Dentist appointment tomorrow to get at least 2 (maybe more) cavities done.

I have a Dentist appointment *next* Thursday for Root Canal & Crown #2

The permanent crown I had put on last week is wonderful -- that temporary crown really sucked.

I just pulled a literal all-nighter putting together the TGC Winter Concert Program in order to get it to the printer for them to be able to start printing this morning. Yes -- I left the TGC office this morning at 4:45 am -- heard Mrs. Grant & Bobby Rich at 94.9 MixFM start the morning show at 5:08 am with a review of the Impossible Question ~ which, by the way, was answered by my friend Gail, who sings fabulous bass with Tucson Desert Harmony Chorus & "Havin' A Blast" quartet. So cool! [The question was - 2 or 3 new ones of these are created every day, and there are tens of thousands around the world - what is it? Answer: Religions. Kinda scary...]

My card reader isn't working, so I can't get pictures off my camera. Hate when that happens.

Had a craft class last Saturday - spent 2 nights prepping with my friend T, who punched 240 circles and scored 240 triangles within the circles while I finished up the Perpetual Calendar project, which was suppose to be a 4 month on-going project and turned into 6 months. ack.
The class was one of the hardest they've done -- a simple project that is not easy... making a Christmas ornament from the circles -- and if I could get the pictures off my camera I'd post some!

The Saturday before that I sang at the Fellowship Square Villa 2 Tree Decorating Party ~ led a sing-a-long which was way fun... always is!

This Saturday is the TGC Concert, so I'm up to my ears at work....

We've moved -- and I'll post the drama later. We've painted two of the 3 walls that will be painted in the kitchen - a 'lemon fluff neon-in-the-wrong-light yellow' -- and hopefully himself will do what needs to be done to get the fridge moved to the new location, which will allow us to purchase a pantry type storage, paint the 3rd wall, and then allow me to really get the kitchen put together and get the massive boxes that are sitting on the dining table cleared.

I have 3 fabulous shelves in the craft room.... need about a dozen more, but I actually worked in the room for the craft class and just need to tweek some craft homes for my supplies.

In the meantime, I'm not sure when I'm going to get our tree up -- our front door and front closet (which holds the Christmas stuff) are blocked by dining room chairs, there are still boxes in the middle of the living room and nothing really put away yet... so I don't want to decorate it now, which is making me a little sad... last year my Christmas stuff didn't come down until March. All I'm saying is if I don't get it up sooner than later we might run into the same issues....

I'm re-committing to eating healthier ~ went online and looked for natural remedies and holistic approaches to sinus infections ~ and did you know that often times (according to Chinese Medicine) sinus issues are related to constipation (another area of the body that is blocked) and Candida - abundance of yeast... directly related to too much sugar. So I went out and bought Soy Milk, Stevia and ginger -- made some ginger, lemon & honey tea, am taking garlic pills, cutting down on the fruit juices and diluting with water, and while having a whole night of non-sleep hasn't made me feel better today, at least I'm breathing out of both nostrils most of the time now.

Also saw a lot of Craft logs/blogs/forums this weekend and I'm now in crafty mode and want to pursue doing that more than anything else.... could be connected to this time of year, I suppose.

Well... do have to go to work for a little while today -- much to do!

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Kellie said...

So very sorry about all the teeth woes! YIKES!

And for the sinus infection I use Mucinex. But it has to be taken with ALOT of water! And dosed exactly like it says on the box! I hope you are feeling better.

Let's make a date BEFORE Christmas...for coffee and something not on the no yeast, high fiber, soy, lemon, fake sugar and ginger diet.

And afterward we can take Mucinex and blow our noses together.