Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year - New Look

Inspired by Coffeegal -- Rascal is the mascot (isn't he a great dog?!)...

I'll have to get my links back up (yikes)... but otherwise, I didn't lose a lot in the old blog because I hadn't done a lot.


Rockester said...

Hi there! I think you left a comment on my scheduling blog entry at

I make so many lists and cross them off on paper and online in WORD but I rarely keep them as a time reference for scrapping. I do keep my larger printout family TO DO calendars that are on our refridge for that same purpose. (That is what the family is supposed to look at to know what is going on each day.) My own TO DO list is much more specific and complex and detailed. :) ROckester

Ann(ie) said...

LOVE your new look!! Rascal should be the star...he's darling!!