Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not Feeling Creative

I don't have anything I feel compelled to say...

Am taking tomorrow sort of off -- but have to run errands for work - mail, mostly... and finish up some thank you letter's. I plan to go to the office to wrap himself's presents... actually have a Gi-normous list of things to do tomorrow... did deliver the Table Saw (main prezzie for himself) tonight -- he's gonna have 3 days before Christmas with which to play with it, so it doesn't make sense to wait until Christmas day to give it to him. My big present is a new car stereo -- YAY!! The CD player in my car is very tempermental. It will take the CD but not play. Or eject. The radio doesn't get to play either... so I'm getting one that has an ipod doo-hickey, and something I can hook my mini-disc up to, too... So I'm excited.

Himself got the shelves up in my room, and I want to get that organized... I love finding homes for my beloved craft goodies.

Had celebratory lunch with office co-workers at Great Wall of China -- pretty good - yummy potstickers and crabpuffs. I love crabpuffs. I found fun socks, (I love fun footwear), Lindor chocolate (Love Lindor chocolate - Milk Chocolate please), large silver initial ornaments, pretty gift boxes, and my ornaments -- everyone got the same thing, slightly different versions. They seemed to like it.

I'm feeling really behind -- so many things I was going to do differently this Christmas, like craft all year long -- ha! Moving wasn't part of the plan, so that threw a wrench in it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Not sure what family will be here, I'm supposed to be checking out hotel availability & prices, but haven't -- work has been so busy and I've been really pooped... staying up late but not accomplishing much. Typical.

The TGC Winter Concert was really excellent. We almost sold out! We leave the year with $10,000 in the bank, so things are looking up compared to this time last year, I'm told. I'm so pleased. I love my job, love the folks I work with, and love what the organization is all about.

Not sure what I'm going to do yet to keep myself singing, though. Very torn, divided and on the fence about it. Going to Scottsdale twice a month would give me the opportunity to see mom more often -- and my frustrations would be less in some respects. Staying and singing with what I call 'my' chorus at this time is an opportunity that only comes like every 30 years... when we have the chance to actually win this region's contest, and I like the thought of being a part of that. And I can't afford to go to Hawaii this year for International.

And I thought I had nothing to write about!

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