Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Day 2008

Goals (not resolutions!) for 2008 (and beyond):

Stick with a routine of the following:

[1] Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning the kitchen

[2] Spend 15 minutes a day (6 days a week) on other house cleaning projects (i.e., bathrooms, floors, picking up the public areas)

[3] Do one load of laundry every day (5 days a week)

[4] Go to the gym 5 days a week. Note I'm not saying what I have to do there, or the time limit... but to appear and do something physical for at least 20 minutes would be the start of this goal)

[5] Really start bulk cooking (so reliance on fast convenience food is reduced) and hide vegetables in the recipes (I bought Jerry Seinfeld's wife's online 'hide vegetables in foods your kids will eat' cookbook, so will try to incorporate that in the recipes I try!) so himself's eating will be healthier despite himself.

[6] Aim for bedtime to be 10pm so I can get up between 5:30 and 6am -- get the housework/laundry done, and take 30 minutes for Bible Study, prayer, meditation and a cuppa.

[7] Do something 5 days a week toward scrapping for others (my client, my sister, my friend's 40th b/day album which will be a year late by Feb 9th, my mom's mother's day album of pictures of her & her brothers and sisters when she was really little)

[8] Do something every day toward scrapping my own stuff -- espeically the Life Goals/All About Me album -- as a reminder to what I'm aspiring to, to remind myself of what I have accomplished during my down times.

[9] Get my Handcrafted Card stash back up so I have a card that I've done ready for any occasion; I imagine this means stamping once a week at least.

[10] In order to get 7,8 & 9 accomplished, I have to keep my studio somewhat neat and organized. So this goal is to spend 15 minutes putting things away every day; putting elements of projects away after I'm done with them, and spending an additional few minutes labelling & generally organizing things in my room.

Starting January 3rd - after I go back to work.

and [11] - try to work on Christmas projects all year round, this season was so not festive... not organized... hmmmmm... wonder why in the world things were so unorganized and topsy-turvy ?!?! :-P

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Anonymous said...

Hi ~ Found you because you visited MY blog ~ thanks! I enjoyed reading your resolutions. They all sound great. I of course relate to the craft/scrapbooking ones, LOL. Have a great new year!