Thursday, April 26, 2007

13 Famous or Infamous People I share my birthday with

[1] Amy Grant (she's coming to Tucson for a fundraiser on Cinco de Mayo!)
[2] Christina Applegate
[3] Ben Stein (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)
[4] Ricardo Montalban
[5] Carrie Nation (same spelling even!) - American Temperance Advocate
[6] Andrew Carnegie (True Scottish pronunciation is car-NEH-gee)
[7] Joe DiMaggio
[8] Rudolph Hoess (blech)
[9] John Larroquette
[10] Percy Sledge
[11] John F. Kennedy Jr.
[12] Brooke Haven (porn star, apparently)
[13] Barbara & Jenna Bush

*sorry I've been so quiet lately folks, work is kicking my pa-tootie!!


yerdoingitwrong said...

JFK Jr's a goodie! I share my bday with Winona Ryder. used to be a better claim to fame b/f she began her shoplifting career!

Vonnie said...

Happy Belated Birthday. See you at Pepperdine.