Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Thursday AGAIN?!

Dang, where DID the week go?!!

13 Things I can see from my desk/computer area:

[1] Quilt Calendar -- ever since doing "Quilters" in college, I have plans to actually BE a quilter... I consider scrapbooking kind of like quilting with paper. My mom does calendars every year with all family members birthdays - and this year's calendar is awesome, and it came complete with the quilting pictures patterns!

[2] Old Sticky notes {1} Acount number for something, a number I don't know what it is for, "scan photos of Dan" "Paper piece prickly pear" {2} 2/7/07 "Anti-procrastination Wednesday" Card Class- create 2 cards {3} Project Index - list project ideas - instructions, what pieces I have and where I stored them. well, I've just tossed 2 of them!

[3] Inspirational quotes related to consistency and persistence, such as "Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries." ~ James Michener. This paper is neon green and taped to my

[4] Cabinet himself attached to the wall - holds all sorts of fun stuff, not quite organized, but getting there. I can smell the Incense I keep in there mmmmmmm....

[5] paper clip holder

[6] "The Thing" a friend made for me when he took his pottery class in college. So funny because he thought it was going to be an easy A, and he had to do more for that class than most of his advanced business classes... I use it to hold pens and stuff I'm not quite sure what to do with.

[7] Avon 'Naturals' - Plumeria Body Lotion. Not wild about it, but ya know, it gets dry here in the desert!

[8] A Stack of Barbershop quartet CD's I need to burn onto my hard drive.

[9] My calendar, open to April -- already very full.

[10] Glass of water

[11] Magnet board with more out-of-date stuff on it - a Fringe Festival postcard from 2003, a Scottish train postcard... I think it is the train used in the Harry Potter movies... but I could be wrong... a magnetic calendar you get from realtors you don't know, still on January, a Scotland Flag magnet that has a temperature thingey, it looks like it reads 71 degrees, a weiner dog magnet - couldn't resist a bargain at Target, an Arizona clip magnet with I'm not sure what kind of old papers clipped to it -- looks like last summer's plans to go visit my pal in Calif., my old Fellowship Square nametag (it's magnetic), "It's good to be queen" magnet, a 10% off salon service -- a gal from chorus moved salons and drumming up a clientele.... and a list of albums and album projects I want to do -- woefully out of date.

[12] my back scratcher. I love, adore *delight in* having my back scratched. himself isn't all that interested and gets bored quickly -- he really hasn't bothered to learn how it can lead to more nooky... his loss. I have 2 backscratchers in the house... I've been known to scratch my back against a corner I've been so itchy. Scratching my back is an extreme pleasure. I also like have foot massages.

[13] The 4-packs of clear ornaments I bought at Michael's to decorate for Christmas gifts last year. They're unopened, undecorated... I seriously need to have that Christmas in July Craft Weekend -- get started on what kind of Christmas cards I want to do, what crafts I need to start working on... yikes.

ta da!

Funny 13 entry (parental guidance suggested)


ensie said...

I loved Plumeria body lotion. There was a rumor Bath and Body Works was going to discontinue it while my sister worked there. She bought me about 10 bottles. After about the 3rd bottle I got completely sick of the fragrance and haven't touched it since.

Nicholas said...

Great list! The view from your desk is obviously more interesting than from mine. I can see by your vocabulary that you have lived across the pond for a while.

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