Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, late again

I was inspired by "A Gentleman's Domain" for this one. Thanks N.

Thirteen Firsts I remember (though a probably more interesting post would be 13 firsts I DON'T remember...)

[1] My first dog - being woken up Christmas morning by a fat little puppy licking my face. Oh the joy!!!!!

[2] My (our) First House - In Scotland - 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, only 13 feet with WITH an attached garage (yes, really), a little patch of garden (aka yard), and nice and convenient to the chippy. I miss our house.

[3] The first time I had my toes ... 'nuff said

[4] My first date. Dinner, movie... with an 'older guy'... good memories.

[5] My first (and only) speeding ticket. 45 in a 25 or 30 zone... if I hadn't had a job I would have had my license taken away (I was 16)

[6] The first time I cried over a news story. The Rodney King verdict and how L.A. hit the fan... in light of this last week's tragedy, I am crying more and more over the news. Which is why I avoid it whenever possible.

[7] My first real 'make-out' session - high school. S.K. & me in the back room of the choir room (it saw a lot of action) - making out during Advanced Women singing "Hey Jude, don't be afraid... take a sad song - and song was always under pitch- and make it bet-ter-er-er...." completely embarrassed at how the whole thing worked, feeling awkward. After 45 minutes I was a pro.

[8] My first blind date. -the lack of detail should speak for itself!-

[9] My first quartet competition. In the UK - Southport, England, 2000. We sucked. But it was a fabulous feeling!

[10] My first best friend, "basically bannister" -- met at Montessori school when we weren't even 5 years old. We're still in touch, sort of... I know I could call her up and we'd be caught up in no time.

[11] My first "real" dinner - I forgot to take the baggie of innards out of the cornish game hen. Tasted great though.

[12] My first irate call when I worked at American Airlines. 1992. Mr G*nsh*w (not sure of the spelling) couldn't confirm his billing address for his american express card... started swearing and yelling and I held it together to transfer the call -- I knew where she was sitting to go talk to her after I got off the phone because I could her her saying, "This is a business conversation, Mr. G and ...." and he'd hung up on her. I was shaking I was so upset. Creep.

[13] My first really embarrassing moment. I'm not easily embarrassed... but breaking a diving board -- well -- it is hard to live down. Yeah, Yeah, the guy said it had a crack in it... but holy cow!!


yerdoingitwrong said...

#11. Yup. I did the very same thing when cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner. OH was I ever horrified. But, it made for a good laugh later!!

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the link, CD.

I remember my first (and so far only) speeding ticket in my life. A couple of years after I moved to the USA. I was doing 30 in a 15. Bloody school zones! $285 up the spout!