Monday, April 02, 2007

More Changes

My Phoenix quartet is breaking up for certain. I was in fantasyland I guess, thinking that we'd re-register and wait out the time that the bass needed for her family. No one else had that thought, apparently. Reality strikes and I'm bummed.

I think I've already pissed off a someone in my new job...

Here's pictures of cute dogs at the 4th Avenue Street Fair a week ago Sunday:

5 dogs - seated in a row, with little hats the guy was selling... how cute are they?!!

Tucson Desert Harmony chorus won 3rd at Region 21 contest this past Saturday - 607 points - 6 points over last year's score (YAY!) - Scottsdale Chorus won with 724 points, San Diego came in 2nd place, and in the quartet contest One Voice quartet (with TDH's assistant director singing Bass) won the quartet contest with 609 points. If Hearts Afire had competed and not improved at all in our scores, we would have placed 10th.

I'm excited about the new local quartet that is forming -- different goals than the Phoenix quartet, and I have a different focus now, so that will make it different, too... we meet next week for the 2nd time.

ETA: I keep forgetting the little label thingey!

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Vonnie said...

Wish you had been with us. I am excited about your new quartet.