Sunday, June 22, 2008

15 Years in 10 Bullet Points (Ha!)

The Rules: Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn't seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize you.

15 years ago = June 1993.

[1]*I finished my Boston to Florida tour in April of '92 and was working at Tucson Lifestyle Magazine (I think). I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life after graduating with a degree in Public Relations except that I didn't want to work in the field of Public Relations. Or Marketing. Or Business.

[2]*I was working/playing with an independent Musical Theatre Company - the founder of which had amazing and wonderful influences on my life. This was also not always healthy. Without calling it a cult, it was, in fact, a very tight-knit and opposite-world-view group. I love them still. (When I say working, don't think we made money)

[3]*I decided to move in with SJ ~ whom I love very much but haven't heard from her in about 10 years. She and I have food issues -- she dealt with them in the anorexic/bulimic way -- I just ate and ate and ate. I could not afford to live with SJ, and was quite unhappy in our living situation. So the way I changed my situation was to go back to school for my music education degree, cuz that is what I really should have done. I moved back home and to the UA on a full vocal performance scholarship.

[4]*After one semester with a terrible voice professor, I quit. The real reason: I didn't want to work at it, and while I did have a voice prof who was not a teacher, that is just the excuse.

[5]*I worked as a Temp's Temp while wondering what in the heck I was doing (I worked in a Temp Office as the office receptionist/assistant and was sent out if/when someone flaked for a job and didn't show up). That ended badly for details I don't remember, but learned how difficult it is to work in a small office and that clear communication is critical to success.

[6]* Summer of Hell -- I worked as a karaoke waitress, a coffeeshop waitress, threw newspapers in the a.m. with my mother, worked part time in retail at Lane Bryant. I don't know when that was exactly, but it was in these years sometime -- when I was living with SJ, I think. And yeah, still doing the theatre. 5 part-time jobs... no money... and throwing newspapers with my mom... aw crap.

[7]* 1995 - quit the theatre, went back and worked at American Airlines and loved it. Went back to barbershop. Living at home. Mom moved to San Diego -- life was kinda hell, actually in many many ways.

[8]* 1997 - met himself on AOL in a random chat room and in 1998 we married and I moved to Scotland until 2004, at which time I moved back to the USA and started working for INFONXX (?) a cell phone information service. Life improves dramatically for many many reasons. After a year in Scotland I started looking for how to make myself happy, and life is a constant surprise (not all pleasant) for my endlessly patient and wonderful himself. Coming to America was sort of an ultimatum regarding how we lived our life.

[9]* 2005 - himself joins me after selling our Scotland house and we made probably $30,000 after all was said and done.... bought the van, himself adjusted for 6 months (which means he bummed around and acquired stuff) while I worked as an Activities Assistant for an independent senior retirement community. Life is fabulous.

[10]* Present - He's been working 2 years for the best call center in our town, making great money when you consider where we live and what he is doing; I'm going into my second year at a job I love (making history here), we just bought our first American House and Rascal, our four-footed fur friend completes our family. Life is life, but really great in the great scheme of things.

stolen from Life is Short ~ Partake in Happy Hour.

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Ann(ie) said...

Not stolen, girlie. I usually order y'all to play. ;) And I love it when you do.

I loved reading your background. It kind of ties it all together for me. Living in Scotland had to be so cool. My hubby visited there and loved it so much!

And yeah....I had years like this too:
5 part-time jobs... no money... and throwing newspapers with my mom... aw crap.
THANK GOD they're behind us.

xo. Happy weekend, girlie.