Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy June 2nd ~ month of many birthdays in my family!

I'll post pix of the pool fun when I can get the photos off of my camera... my card reader is hiccuping.

Went to church today... third time in a row, but the first time at the church I'm a member of for at least 3 months... it was o.k.

Went to Michael's and spent $50 -- they were having a 25% off your entire purchase, even things on sale -- and I only spent $50!! Oh the self control.

I'm going to be painting more rocks soon. I know y'all are waiting with baited breath!

Talked to my dad for an hour lounging in the pool yesterday. It was great. :D

Craft class yesterday went really well -- would post pix of the very cute masculine (isn't that an oxymoron - "cute masculine") vest cards for Father's Day... if my card reader would work.

Himself's not been smoking for over 4 weeks now... I'm so proud!! He's not been grumpy -- he has been a little more irritating in ways when he thinks he's being cute and funny, but not really... ya know? But I can only imagine how hard quitting is -- and I'm really really glad for him :D And he bought AND assembled my pool. I love him very much.

Went to a memorial on Friday afternoon -- have been to what seems a lot more funerals in the past two years -- this gravesite memorial gave me the opportunity to think about what I would want at my funeral (sounds morbid, but I don't mean it to be...), and to have that talk with himself... along with setting up a will.

Will be scrapping tomorrow!

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Kellie said...

Where's the picture of that pool?

Just kidding! BUt I still want to see a pic.

Glad to hear you are getting a chance to relax and have some fun!