Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Teachers Do You Remember?

Bay Area California
Montessori Pre School

Anderson Elementary 1st Grade
Mrs. Anderson (not sure if that is right -- same name as school? probably not)

Parkview Elementary 2nd - 6th Grades
2nd & 3rd Grade
Mrs. Lumby (my mom didn't think she had any personality, but I adored her!)
Mrs. Willis (much meaner!)
Mrs. Schubert (not the primary teacher, but in the group)
Mrs. Can't remember

4th Grade
one semester at Alex School in Alex, Oklahoma
Mrs. Dickey (yes, it was funny even back then) Her son was the replacement drummer in the Band "America." When I look back she read some funny books to us, but I think they would not be considered politically correct today...

2nd half of 4th grade - back to Parkview
Mr. Shiriyama (sp?)
Mr. Mitchell -- his reputation was as a mean teacher, but I thought he was nice (such a teacher's pet = me)

5th Grade
Mr. Higgins - great teacher, though his head was wayyyy too small for his body!

6th Grade
back to team teaching:
Mrs. Kopp (main teacher)
Mr. Shoppell (Shuh-PELL) - after lunch and recess he would read while everyone kinda calmed down -- back in 1978 he read "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" - had he not read them I wouldn't ever had known about C.S. Lewis (spring break that year I devoured the entire series in a week when I saw the books in a bookstore while on a weeklong trip with my mom, aunt M & her husband, Bob) . Yes, I was in a public school.
Mrs. don't remember didn't have much personality, as I recall. Taught the English portions of the curriculum.

7th & 8th Grade (jr. high! scary!!)

Mr. Stanton -- English Teacher - very hippie/granola/Birkenstock kinda guy. I liked him.
Ms. Foster who married my future high school algebra tutor (she later became the librarian)
Mrs. Young (easy to remember!) - Art Teacher - she had a horrible reputation as a mean teacher, but I thought she was pretty funny, actually.
Mrs. Music Teacher (would flip us off while "scratching her nose" and say, "My mama didn't raise no cross-eyed babies!" and put in our yearbooks, "Don't B #, Don't B b, Just B Natural" with the appropriate musical notations
Mrs. Schoenig - Typing Teacher (only class I ever got a D in - mom forced me to take this class under much protest from me! Glad I did now -- of course ;-) Touch typing on a manual typewriter. Egads, I must be 40!!
Mr. (Coach) Robertson - PE teacher from hell. But I still remember his name. Go Figure.
Mr. Carpenter - Science Teacher/homeroom teacher. Rumor had it he was 2nd up for the Challenger Space Shuttle mission (Disaster)
Mr. Kirshner - Never had him as a teacher, but will never forget the Halloween both he & Mr. Carpenter "dressed up" in 3-piece suits... you know, 'cuz you Dress Up for Halloween. Then they traded places for homeroom.
Mr. Math Teacher (nice, understood algebra at this time)
Ms. Math Teacher (nice, showed me that you could sometimes read the name of the person you liked whose name you'd scribbled over by turning the page over...)
Mrs. English Teacher (nice, older lady - didn't cope with this generation of hoodlums I went to school with very well)

That's all I remember right now from jr. high aka Middle School.

High School - SRHS 1981-1985

Mr. Fried (Freed)
(pre-algebra) - loser -- He had a crew cut in 1981/2 -- not a buzz, not a standing up kind of hairstyle, but a 1950's crew cut. I also think he may have suffered from being colored blind, because holy cow the combinations of clothes he wore! Or just maybe he wore golf clothes to class...
Mr. Young - Algebra teacher - worse loser
Mrs. Ponchetti (Geometry) - worser yet, but at least was a nice person. Sucked on butterscotch candies all hour and talked about her red-headed grandchildren's adventures.
Mrs. Phillips - Computers, Senior year - dragon breath. More programming -- I didn't stick around long!!
Mrs. Johnson - Freshman Advanced English - read Princess Bride before it was movie - very cool
Mr. Collard - Art Teacher -- great great class. Every Friday we'd watch slides and he'd talk about artists and styles, and I loved it. I had an aptitude -- why did I listen to anyone and not major or at least spend more time in art classes....? (why is it we ask these questions at 40+?)
Mr. Fox - journalism/English Teacher
Dr. John S. Davis - Choir Teacher - influential - a great guy.
Mrs. Husted - Drama. Anyone who knows her name knows how awesome she is. Awesome. I only took the class for one semester (last semester) of my senior year... after having been directed by her as "Laurie" in the musical Oklahoma earlier in the year.
Mr. McPheeters - Southwest Literature 2nd semester Sr. Year. Best looking teacher in school.
Ms. Hiner - a class where we just brought our own books to read for an hour - I was in heaven. Technically we were supposed to give small, private reports to her after we finished a book. 1st Semester (I think) Sr. Year
Mrs. Muller - Senior English - actually read Shakespeare and wrote papers (not articles) She was the Senior Class Advisor and Student Council Advisor if I remember correctly.
Mrs. Valley -Grammar Review - thankful I took that class... lots of fun and I think I may have learned stuff ;-)
Mrs. Drudge - data processing. bs. it was easier programming, but I still wouldn't have made it through the class without Shel & RB. And if I were teaching high school, I would have changed my last name.
Mr. Bubany - Economics (sort of) teacher. I liked him - his rep was a dork, though. We had to bring a newspaper to school and read 10 minutes every day - he taught the principle that nothing is ever "Free" - you have to give up something (time, effort etc...).
Mrs. Irwin - Media something or another -- I don't remember much learning going on in the class... she was kind of wacky.
Mr. O'Donald - Chemistry. "Young sucking Face! Young's Sucking Face!" He didn't put up with hypocrisy -- now looking back I see that.... kids making out in the hallways but not wanting anyone to 'notice.' One of my favorite teachers... he was there every day after school and I was there just about every day trying to figure out the main formula and get the math right. At the end of the year he had a stamp for yearbooks, "To the best student I ever had." hee hee hee.
Mr. Kreamer ( pronounced Kramer) - coach - had him for summer school government because I'd heard horror stories about government teacher Mr. Powers (!) Kreamer was a good teacher and cool.
Ms. Piccone & Ms. Orosco - PE teachers -- Ms. Orosco was a kick in the pants, and Piccone was cool too.
Mr. Westfall - Driver's Ed. What a joke.

eta: yeah... I got out the yearbook!


Kellie said...

Oh My goodness! I had Mr Robertson for PE and I recently ran into Mr C at a local breakfast eatery here in town!

I also had Mr. Bubany for economics...he had a HORRIBLE combover and wore a pocket protector.

I had Mr. Kirchsner for AZ Govt. I thought he was awesome!

Ann(ie) said...

YOU have the best memory on the planet. I think I only remember my 3rd grade teacher's name (Mrs. Vitulli) because she was SOOOOOOOO horribly mean!!! If I ever win an Emmy I plan to out her for her meanness. ;)