Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Perspective

I know our gas prices are way-high... I've always said I wouldn't complain about any price of gas over here until we start paying +$5 a gallon... in Scotland 4 years ago that is what we paid per gallon of petrol. And ya know what? Their gallon is smaller than our gallon. We are creeping up on that number... and I'm not saying that this is a positive thing... just consider:

1 UK Gallon = .833 US Gallon

I just did a check on what the price of petrol is going for over there now... 4.10GBP (Great British Pounds). 1 UK gallon of petrol (aka gasoline) = 4 pounds 10 pence.

Today's conversion rate (from this website) is:
4.10GBP = $8.05 USD


Here is the article from the Scotsman newspaper... and if you read near the bottom you'll see the town I lived in (home of BP in Scotland) is mentioned.

So... just a reminder tha it can always be worse, or... get worse.

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