Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Back

From my week long trip to CA -- from Tracy to Sacramento to Orange to Huntington Beach to La Verne...

Safe and Sound -- very warm, weary and full of thoughts.

I'm reading The China Study.

I'm still scrapping for my client... I made $400 for my efforts this time, AND my car got washed and practically detailed inside -- I hardly recognize it! It is bee-yew-ti-ful!!! :D

I saw my freshman year college roommate and had dinner with her at Soup Plantation aka Sweet Tomatoes 'round here....

Saw my favorite cousin -- and that was a good, needed visit.

I saw another friend from Scotland who lives in Paradise in Huntington Beach -- but it was hot for the beach -- 85 and most folks don't have A/C...

Stayed with my brother and his wife who are busy getting their house ready to rent and waiting for everything to go through on the house they're buying.

It was whirlwind, busy, and I'm tired. But so glad I went!

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