Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cost of Everything...!

Our Cable bill is increasing - $2 for basic and $3 for expanded... so today I'll be calling and just go back to basic.

I'll miss HGTV... but that's about all I watch. And himself and I watch reruns of Friends & a lot of Two and-a-half Men. Really we'll just be missing a lot of reruns.

So now I'm thinking I *REALLY* need to get to the gym more so I can watch those shows I'll miss on the 4 Dish Network tv's there...

30 minutes yesterday on the elliptical -- just happy I got there!

I went later than usual and while it was still light outside, it is a lot creepier than when there are more people in the gym. I like the gym less crowded inside, but appreciate the crowd when I go to leave and get in my car.

*** *** *** ***
One of my local friends who is also an awesome blogger (and yes, you have an inspiring ministry!) is moving :-( If I ever get to North Carolina, however, I'll have a ton of people I can catch up with (Hi SadTomato!!), some relatives, and this caffeinated singer-dancer-sewing gal!

--- --- --- --- ---
The weather has been a lot cooler (more humid, but I don't mind 85 degrees and humidity!), so I've been in a better mental state... cooling down at night is such a huge thing that helps my whole state of mind.

The pool has been FULL of bugs, and the flying ants aka termites have been mating like crazy... lots of them dead in my pool, but some of them were at work inside my office... atop the curtain rod... yeah -- little tiny winged insects squirming and wriggling... just disgusting... so we sprayed RAID flying insect bug spray, and the next day my desk was full of dead winged insects.



Kellie said...

Four things:

1. Think of all the crafting (or blogging) you could do with out cable!

2. We need to get coffee before I move.

3. When you come to visit all your NC Buddies, don't do it in the summer months. If you think this is humid....

4.Mating termites in your pool...eewww...sound like a personal problem to me. ;) hee hee!

SIgned the Caffeinated Singer-Dance Sewing Gal!

Krista said...

You know who should move to NC? You! We have several Highland Games (Gameses?) to choose from! I see saltires and lion rampants on cars all over the place. There must be a secret club or something, and we won't be invited until we get a saltire window sticker.

Alternatively, your moving-to-NC friend and I could just get together and talk about you. :)

Baroness Insomniac said...


I have family in NC. Maybe if I build a raft and... no... never mind.

I cannot believe out of all the people I have met that are Americans over here, I'm one of the last left here. hmmm...

Anyway - breeding termites; nice one... =S

I'm cold. I want sun. I can't think of anything else to say but... "hugs"