Saturday, July 19, 2008

Progress -- pages done (but not journalled)

I went to a crop last night and actually put down 6 pages!! I've not been that productive in my own album for a loonnggg time.

It was a fun crowd -- much laughter, some awesome food... good times!

The hostess of the crop has been out of town a lot in the past year -- and had to come home because their house was broken into and the thieves got sooo much stuff! She lost most of her Creative Memories tools - antique and sentimental jewelry, safe boxes with passports, social security cards etc..., two complete silver services (her mom's and her MIL's), along with the every day stainless steel (except for the 5 pieces in the dishwasher).

It is horrible what has been taken, let alone the feeling of violation. We all bought stuff from our CM consultant because then the hostess would get credit and can start re-building her stuff... and 4 of us chipped in to buy her a tool tote as she starts re-acquiring supplies.

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