Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I Like

I like...

staying up late, not getting up early
Diet coke over ice, not straight from a can
celery with peanut butter or with hot artichoke dip
gel pens not regular ink pens
things color-coded so I don't have to read everything, I can just look at the color
Mountains over beaches
cold weather over hot weather
fall over summer
milk chocolate not dark chocolate
dogs over cats
listening to christian talk radio, but sometimes the music is a bit same-y
Leno over Letterman (and I like Conan too)
College sports over the pros
Burger King over McDonalds
Mexican over Italian
tulips & daisies over fancier flowers
Bookman's (used bookstore) over Barnes & Noble or the other big bookstore chain
doing nothing
being busy (contradictory, no?)
performing over being in the audience
comfort over style or fashion
hoop earrings that stay in my ear as part of a continuous loop (they don't have removable backs that fall off and get lost)
wearing silver most of the times
pearls over diamonds
interesting angles over straight walls (attics & basements vs regular rooms)
hardwood floors
mushy indoor-outdoor carpet
light wood over dark wood (except I love cherry wood)
binders, not hanging files
journal books over blogging (but I've blogged more than I've journalled)
Facebook over My Space
that I don't have a 'style' -- I like so much of everything - bold, soft, eclectic, traditional...
Beatles over Stones

visiting with family & friends in California, coming home, The theme song from "The Greatest American Hero", Pie a la mode, foot rubs & pedicures, Bill Cosby, Hee-Haw, corny jokes, bad puns, silly conversations, writing, cleaning the bathroom & kitchen (which seems odd since my kitchen isn't clean very often), floating in the pool looking up at the stars, how I feel when I'm done exercising, singing a cappella, singing harmony parts, being casual not dressy, Harrison Ford movies, Friends re-runs, that first drink of coffee in the morning, organizing and labelling and figuring out how something will fit, sticky notes, talking to people about their past and hearing their stories, getting people together who haven't seen each other in a long time...

being quiet and contemplating how very blessed I am.

My Life.

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Ann(ie) said...

So with you on Diet Coke over ice and not from a can!!!!