Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I met a friend/ex-boss for dinner tonight.... there was a socializing/networking thing going on with an organization I belong to... my friend and I were to meet at 5:15pm -- eat & discuss upcoming projects -- then network. I thought my friend could get some good networking going with these other folks.

My friend was 35 minutes late. I, however, know that she usually runs late and had ordered chips & guacamole... and had brought my work evaluation form to start doing while waiting... meanwhile, the networking thing starts... my friend arrives, we eat and finish eating and are having a lively and interesting time... and the networking table folks finish and all come over to our table to make fun of me and how glad they were I could come and hang out with them all for the evening.... one of them stayed for another hour and a-1/2 and we had a super time - she's really nice!!

After closing the restaurant and being the last ones to leave... still chat in the parking lot for 20 minutes... I call my friend...we laugh... and make plans to meet tomorrow after we work out.

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