Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Soap

How much fun did I have this weekend?!

First -- Saturday morning worked -- two more girls auditioned for the Tucson Girls Chorus before we have camp this weekend...

Then -- Taught the craft class in the afternoon -- we did Puzzle Frames, and they turned out really really cute -- and the ladies had a good time. My friend T and I are still finding puzzle pieces all over ( my carport, her dining room floor...). She was a star and fed me for three nights, and allowed all our stuff to be spread out all over her dining room -- it is a good thing we started this craft early!

Saturday Night - the bass of my former quartet was in Tucson and we had a fabby time -- dinner at the Blue Willow, she came over and met my dog - saw my house, which himself had spent a considerable amount of time making look more presentable than when I'd left that morning!

Sunday afternoon -- Making Soap!! 4 of my favorite people who are connected to the TGC all went to the treasurer of the board's house and helped make soap: pumpkin, lavendar & luxury mint. It was cold processed and was extremely fun and informative.

Yes, of course I want to start making soap now -- and it takes up a whole closet in her house, so I've decided I need another house/apartment/condo to do my business. Cheaper to buy a "Condo" (former apartment) for $45,000 than rent for $400 a month... of course I investigated!

But before I can formally investigate, I need to put together the binder of 2 years worth of craft projects; the business plan; and probably book a class at at least one other property, and have saved $1,000 for a down payment. How much fun would it be to have a craft space that is big enough to have over 6 to 12 people, be able to have a full kitchen for crafting and eating, and enough space for music in one bedroom and supplies in the other??

Ahhh... nothing like pie in the sky.... pipe dreams... hey -- If I Can Dream It, I Can Achieve It!! :D


Ann(ie) said...

What a fun weekend!!! Pumpkin soap sounds heavenly. I love that smell.

When your craft shack is up and running I'm coming to visit for the weekend!!!! :)

C D said...

heheh... I love it
"Carrie's Craft Shack!"