Sunday, July 06, 2008


Yesterday and the day before I watched Gilmore Girls -- ALL DAY. Marathon-like. Two 12+ hour days doing nothing but catching up on a tv series. Slothful to the max!

I have two more CD's to go before I've seen every episode. ABC Family doesn't ever seem to show the last season -- I've seen the penultimate last episode (WAY out of order of the season I'd been tivo-ing) -- but yesterday afternoon I started watching the 7th and final season of this awesome series.

Himself made Donner Kebab (flavor) beef -- which was awesome. One of the things we miss about the UK... traditionally made with lamb, the beef did a nice replacement job! I had a hot-dog on Friday because, you know, it is American and it was in the spirit of Independence Day.

It is traditional monsoon season -- hot, with afternoon and evening storms and lightning. Very cool...but the weather zaps me.

Rascal has been digging up bones he must have buried 6+ months ago, because one of them appeared to have roots sticking out from it. His nose gets covered in dirt and mud, and his paws... well, himself and I laughed and laughed about what a mess he is and how he'll try to sneak the nasty bone (with roots and bugs and mud) through the kitchen, down the hall, and if not stopped, will re-bury it in our bed, most likely. With the dirt being softer (i.e., being mud), Rascal re-buries and checks on his stash of rawhides so carefully buried in the yard.

He is such a great dog. He drops the bone when we catch him, trots over, allows me to wipe the first layers of dirt and mud off his nose, then one paw at a time allows me to try to get the mud out from between the pads & crevices of his front paws. Complacent, resigned... knowing that he was taking a chance bringing it inside, that there was slim to none odds that he'd get the bone in the house without being noticed and caught... he makes us laugh and is overall just a great great dog!!

Happy Independence Day Holiday Weekend!

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Kellie said...

So glad you ha a great long weekend!

Rascal is definitely a Pampered pooch. Por Kona would just be left outside to fend for her muddy-paw'd self! I'm glad you are enjoying him.