Friday, July 11, 2008

What's on your TiVo?


Carol Duvall Show (7 shows, all reruns)

Law & Order: SVU (5 shows, some old, some new - it is set to only keep 5 at a time and they're back up for when we are really desperate for something to watch.)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (my favorite of the L&O franchise)

Friends (we watch reruns all the time... the only show we agree on)

Family Guy (himself's pick -- ugh)

Divine Design (Canadian designer is really good!!)

Inside the Actor's Studio (2 shows I've had saved for over a year... need to watch them, eh?)

Stargate Atlantis (Himself's show, but I do enjoy it most of the time)

Gardening By The Yard (5 shows -- I like the host, he's a goof ;-)

Kinda pathetic, actually...


Kellie said...

Can you believe we don't have TiVo?

Krista said...

I have a lot of episodes of Law & Order (the original, only one I like) and Without a Trace on my DVR. And about eleventy thousand episodes of Fixing Dinner, Til Debt Do Us Part, and Donna's Day.

I don't have time to watch all these shows, but I keep trying!