Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some More Bragging...

So... on Thursday I did 60 minutes a t o n e t i m e on the elliptical!!!
10 minutes incline:3 resistance:15
20 minutes incline:4 resistance:35
15 minutes incline:2 resistance:25
15 minutes incline:2 resistance:15

I actually did 60 minutes and 30 seconds because when I checked how many calories I'd burned it said 399 -- so I did another 30 seconds so I could say I burned 400 calories.

I am so proud!! And I'm not even counting the 10 minute warm-up I did *before* my weight training session.

Oh Yeah... did I mention I did the 60 minutes AFTER my 30 kick-my-patootie weight-training??!!

And yesterday I went in and did 30 minutes elliptical only -- making it three times this week... and I'm thinking I may even go in today just because ;-)

I have to say my calves are quite sore.... I'm trying to stretch after each session so the muscles don't cramp up.

I'm trying to slowly increase the incline, because that is what makes my heart really start working harder... I'm really strong, but my cardio fitness is way behind.... yes, I am in the "cardio zone" for heart rate the entire time I'm doing it -- my stride is right around 70... but I really really hate going fast -- I like slow and resistance, not fast and I-can't-breathe... if that makes sense.

I've been working out with just two weeks "off" since mid-april, and when I started on the elliptical I could only do 3 minutes. My trick was increase by a minute each time... and if I was really tired or wasn't hacking it -- I'd take a break and then go back for another 3 minutes... just telling myself "only 3 more minutes" and eventually it got to 30 minutes. Some days I just do the 10 minute warm up before working out with weights, and then the 20 minutes required. Pushing myself just makes me angry and whiny, so I'm taking the 'slow and steady' approach and now am feeling really proud of myself.

I took my ipod with me the day I did the 60 minutes -- and it totally helped... of course I "rock out" to Scottsdale Chorus singing barbershop -- but hey, whatever floats yer boat! Or keeps the elliptical rotating... ;-)

Now it is time to get serious about the eating habit change. I'll be making up the menus etc... today... and I think counting Weight Watchers points is a good way to start ~ remembering portion control and I'll be back to 40 days with no meat (fish, eggs and a bit of dairy in the form of mozzarella cheese & low-fat yogurt)... I had to start over after the 4th of July :D


Baroness Insomniac said...

You go girl!! =)) Sounds fantastic really!!

Krista said...

Fantastic! Well done you! Slow and steady is really the way to go. What a great success to share!

Ann(ie) said...

You SHOULD be proud!!! Right on girlie. The ipod helps me tremendously when I exercise. YAY!! Keep up the good work!