Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Far This Week

I'm having a ball on Facebook... quick snippets of catching up with some long lost friends has been pretty cool.

I'm missing singing -- reading The Pitch Pipe (the quarterly magazine of Sweet Adelines Int'l) always makes me want to run back to chorus. Hanging out with C, the bass of my Phoenix quartet and just doing a tiny wee bit of singing with her in the car makes me really really miss it.... *sigh* -- and I waiver between immersing myself in music or spreading myself over the other talents and things I want to do. Focus is a hard concept for me to master.

So much fun to be had!

Himself just got word from his work yesterday that he'll be working from home -- I'm green with envy. There will be a web-cam so he will have to be dressed -- when this concept was mentioned as a possibility a few weeks ago I stipulated he'd still have to shower every day (!). So plans are being made to finish 'his' room and make it really into an office. We'll be adding Cox digital phone to our package, and his company will pay for phone and internet costs... woot!! And with what he'll be saving in gas and lunch, we think that will be around $250 a month.


25 minutes ellipticalling -- with 10 or 15 minutes at incline 4 and 5 -- Killing Me!! Listening to Wicked on my ipod -- I stopped when I got shaky. Yay Me!!


Ann(ie) said...

I am a facebook moron. Is it like myspace?

Baroness Insomniac said...

Ohhhh working from home! I think that's a fabulous opportunity for him.

Girl, you just keep going and going with that exercise - wish I was that motivated. ;-)

C D said...

Facebook is a bit easier (at least it was for me) to get a handle on than myspace. Even with my facebook experience I can't deal with my space -- not intuitive for me (but very intuitive for the generation that grew up on computers!!) It's amazing the people you find on it...

I don't know if you can view my profile without being my friend... but you can sign up and ask to be my friend, I'll confirm you and then you just put your email in and it will send an email to all your address book and if people are on facebook, they'll become your friends and it just grows from there...

another way to waste more time on the 'net :-p

have fun!