Thursday, July 03, 2008

working like you don't need the money

If you had all the resources in the world, and didn't need to work for money -- what would you do?

I'd draw, paint, sing, sew, act... and somehow help people by doing it. Help them see a sunnier side of life, of themselves... that it is okay to be silly, and humor doesn't have to dig at someone else to be funny. To share a part of themselves and be vulnerable in a safe environment. And to feel the joy of applause, of making someone laugh, of overcoming fear.

I'd get people together. I love planning reunions.... reconnecting with friends I've not heard from or seen for years -- and would love to be that kind of event planner.

I'd learn constantly -- new skills, discover new authors, new musicians, how to build things. Just be in school or classes all the time.

Why didn't someone tell me during high school when I was thinking about college to not listen to that inner voice that was saying "Get a real major -- art isn't a real major... and okay, you'll get a music scholarship, but really -- what is THAT all about?"

I'm really in a bad mental space right now -- can't seem to shake the negative. I'm blaming PMS and the heat. I'm zapped. Today was better than yesterday... but that ain't sayin' much. Trying hard to get out of myself a bit, but I'm so miserable I can't stay focused. Praying constantly. I'm snapping and grouchy, and tired.

I am extremely thankful for a/c, my pool, and ice cream.


Ann(ie) said...

I've been in the same mode lately. I blame it on my period arriving in conjunction with a full moon. Not purty. I am thankful for ice cream and A/C, too. I might need to come visit, though so I can be thankful for your pool, too. ;)

Happy 4th!

C D said...

Thanks -- Happy 5th!! :D

Baroness Insomniac said...

Same hormonal condition here. Cheer up! The change is just around the corner. HRT anyone? *Holds up arms and waves them*

Seriously though, I'd love to have a little of that heat. I'm STILL wearing socks here!!